Foods You Should Buy in Bulk

If you are trying to save money at the grocery store, purchasing bulk food can cut down the cost of food and stretch your SNAP benefits so you can feed yourself and your family more effectively.

Buying food in bulk will not only save you from multiple trips to the grocery store, but also provide you with long-term savings. If you purchase bulk food, you will be spending more. However, the unit price will be less, allowing you to save more money over time.

Although it can be helpful to buy bulk food to store, you need to know which items to buy in bulk and which to avoid. Since many food items spoil quickly, such as dairy products and fresh produce, you should not purchase these items in bulk. However, canned goods and spices hold up well when bought in large quantities. Therefore, when buying in bulk, it is essential that you buy only items that can be appropriately stored.

Canned Foods

Canned foods are ideal for bulk shopping at your local supermarket. When you think of food items that are canned, you may think of only soups that you consume when you are sick. However, you can also purchase many health canned foods, such as vegetables and beans. When shopping for canned items, be sure to look for foods that have low or no-added sodium. By purchasing reduced sodium products, you are adding healthier food items to your shopping cart. You can check for sodium levels on the back of cans and other items by reading the nutrition label.

When you purchase canned foods, you are not only buying foods that you can eat as side dishes. You can also purchase canned ingredients for everyday household meals, such as diced or crushed tomatoes for spaghetti sauce and canned sauces to add to your tacos. Therefore, take advance of the vast array of the canned foods offered at your local grocery store.


When you shop for bulk food online or in person, you are not only shopping for food items that you can directly consume. You are also purchasing items that you will use to spice and season your meals.

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Most spices have a shelf life of two years, meaning that they seldom spoil. Therefore, you should consider buying them in bulk, especially if they are spices that you will use for an array of meals, such as cinnamon. Not only does cinnamon have a longer shelf-life than other spices, but you can use the spice year-round. During the holidays, you can use it in baked good or warm drinks. You can also use cinnamon throughout the year in foods like oatmeal. Therefore, when buying bulk, do not rush past the spice aisle.


Buying grains when bulk shopping is cheaper than buying many small packages when you need them for a meal. When you purchase grains like quinoa, rice, and pasta in bulk, they have a shelf life of up to two years. They are also healthy and easy foods to prepare, and having them around the house may prevent you from stopping last-minute for fast food after work.

Lastly, not only can you buy grains in bulk, but you can also cook and store them in bulk for several days at a time. Therefore, you can prepare the grains you bought in bulk at the beginning of the week and eat them during the duration.

Peanut Butter

Bulk groceries are also convenient when purchasing household favorites like peanut butter. Not only is peanut butter well-loved in American homes, but unopened jars have a shelf life of up to nine months, while an open jar stored in the refrigerator can last up to six months. Therefore, if you purchase large jars of peanut butter, you can be sure that you and your family will consume every last bite.


Nuts are another household favorite, but they may not be purchased often since they tend to be pricey. However, nuts are a perfect item to buy in bulk, because they do not quickly spoil. Nuts can be stored up to nine months in the pantry and up to two years in the freezer. Therefore, the next time that you are at your grocery store cruise the snack aisle. You may find that it offers large quantities of nuts at sale prices.


If you have a family of meat eaters, then you know that buying meat is a good source of protein. However, you also know that they are not cheap. While your first instinct may be to head to your local butcher for fresh meats, you may not be getting the best price for your meats.

To get the most out of your money when you buy food in bulk online or in person, you may want to look at warehouse stores, since they often sell meat items like lean ground beef in bulk. While fresh meat usually has a shelf life of four days in the refrigerator, you can freeze what you are not immediately cooking. Therefore, the next time that you and your family are craving burgers on the grill, you can grab a couple of frozen patties from the freezer and not have to rush to the store.

Keep in mind that you must have a well thought out meal plan if you wish to purchase meat in bulk, as you have a more limited time to cook and consume all he meat you purchase.

Frozen Berries

When you purchase bulk food, you want to stay away from fresh fruits and berries since they do not have a long shelf life. However, you can take advantage of buying frozen fruits in bulk, since they do not spoil.

Since fresh berries are seasonal, the ones that you are craving or that you need for a specific recipe may not always be in season. However, by freezing berries, you will have them available year-round. When you freeze berries, you do not only have them as a snack. You can also use them in muffins and cookies, in pancake batter, parfaits, and smoothies. Once they are thawed, you will not be able to tell that just a few minutes ago they were frozen in your freezer. Berries can also be a great healthy snack your kids can enjoy eating without you feeling guilty letting them have it.

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