How to Renew Your Food Stamps Benefits

The SNAP recertification process varies widely depending on the state in which beneficiaries reside. In some cases, claimants may renew food stamps online, while other states may require them to apply in person or by mail.

However, the specific renewal process varies by state, as each local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has its own rules, regulations and application procedures.

When completing the food stamp recertification process, claimants must provide proof of their eligibility, as failure to do so may disqualify them from participating in the program. For instance, applicants generally need to provide proof of their income, assets and state residency. However, additional documents may be needed depending on the specific situation. To learn more about these required documents, claimants may contact the office that oversees their state’s SNAP program. For additional information about the renewal process, review the sections below.

What does it mean to apply for SNAP recertification?

The food stamp renewal process is also known as the recertification of SNAP benefits. Depending on the specific situation and the state in which claimants live, beneficiaries must renew their benefits within three months and two years from the original date of application. If beneficiaries do not renew SNAP benefits before the end of their eligibility period, however, they will lose their food stamps and they will not be able to use their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card to purchase eligible food and beverage items for their household. In most cases, beneficiaries receive a renewal notice from their local SNAP office as a reminder to apply for recertification. Since claimants receive these renewal notices by mail, they must keep their mailing address current with their state SNAP office.

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Note: In the State of New York, for instance, SNAP beneficiaries receive a recertification packet two months before their benefits are set to expire. However, the specific renewal procedure varies by state.

What documents do you need to apply for food stamp recertification?

When completing the food stamp renewal application process, it is important to keep in mind that the specific recertification procedure will vary by state. In most cases, however, SNAP beneficiaries must complete an application, undergo an in-person or telephone interview, and submit several important documents as proof of their ongoing eligibility. For instance, these SNAP recertification documents may include proof of:

  • Income. These documents may include recent paystubs or proof of any supplemental income received from disability pay, retirement, pensions, or workers’ compensation.
  • Assets. As proof of assets, SNAP recipients must provide statements for their bank and checking accounts.
  • State residency. If claimants need to provide evidence of their state residency, they may submit a utility bill, state-issued driver’s license or a telephone bill.
  • Social Security Number (SSN). Proof of an SSN may include a Social Security card, tax document, or a paystub.
  • Immigration. If applicable, claimants who wish to recertify SNAP benefits may need to provide a passport, visa, I-94 form or an employment authorization form.
  • Disability or medical exemption. If applicants cannot work due to a physical or mental disability, they must submit a medical report from a licensed physician.
  • Rent and utility expenses. When recertifying their benefits, claimants must submit any recent utility bills and evidence of their rent or mortgage expenses. As proof of their rent or mortgage costs, SNAP participants may submit a rent receipt, mortgage statement or a similar document.

When completing the SNAP renewal application, what information is needed?

While the SNAP recertification process varies by state, food stamp beneficiaries generally need to provide information about their household members, employment status, income and expenses when completing an application for renewal. For instance, applicants generally need to provide the following information:

  • Their home and mailing address
  • The names of each household member and each member’s relationship to the applicant
  • The names, genders and birthdates of any new household members
  • Whether the applicant or any other household members reside in a living facility
  • Whether any other parents and children live in the household
  • Whether any household members are unemployed or working part time
  • The amount of any earned and unearned income they receive
  • The amount they pay in medical, utilities and other living expenses

Who is eligible for food stamp renewal?

Households may renew their SNAP benefits if they continue to meet the eligibility requirements of their state food stamp program. For instance, applicants must meet resource and income restrictions depending on the size of their household. These restrictions pertain to a household’s gross and net income. However, able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) cannot renew their SNAP benefits at the end of their certification period unless they meet basic work, education or training requirements.

Note: To determine whether households can apply for SNAP renewal, they may use the Pre-Screening Tool under the website of the Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), or they may contact their state food stamp office.

How to Renew SNAP Benefits in Your State

The SNAP renewal process varies depending on the state in which beneficiaries reside, as each food stamp office has its own recertification procedure. When claimants need to renew their benefits at the end of their certification period, their local SNAP office will provide them with specific instructions on how to do so. However, many states allow claimants to renew food stamps online, in person or by mail. To learn more about these application methods, review the sections below.


Claimants may renew SNAP benefits online if they live in states such as New York or Pennsylvania. However, not all states accept online recertifications, and many claimants need to renew their benefits in person or by mail. When completing a renewal application online, claimants generally need to create an account or login with an existing user name and password.

In Person

Applicants may need to apply for SNAP recertification in person at a local service center or food stamp field office if their state does not allow for online or mail-in renewals. When applying in person, applicants may need to undergo an interview at that time, or they may be able to schedule the food stamps eligibility interview for another day. If claimants need to appear in person before their SNAP certification period ends, their renewal notice will typically state so.

By Mail or Fax

In some cases, claimants may submit their food stamp renewal application by mail or fax if their state allows them to do so. If SNAP beneficiaries may renew their benefits by mail or fax, their renewal notice will provide them with specific application instructions.

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