How to Replace a Lost EBT Card

Claimants may replace a lost EBT card at any time if they are beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and their original Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is stolen, damaged or misplaced.

However, it is important to replace a lost food stamp card as soon as the original credential goes missing, as failure to do so could result in unauthorized use and stolen benefits. Once SNAP benefits are stolen, they are difficult to recover.

While the EBT card replacement process varies by state, SNAP beneficiaries generally need to contact their state’s EBT customer service department to order a duplicate credential. Moreover, cardholders may obtain multiple EBT cards if more than one household member purchases groceries for the family. However, they may need to pay a fee when doing so. To learn more about obtaining a replacement credential for accessing food stamp benefits, review the sections below.

When should I contact my local EBT card replacement center?

SNAP recipients must order new EBT card credentials as soon as possible after their original card is stolen or goes missing. If cardholders do not report the lost or stolen credential as missing, an unauthorized shopper may use their EBT card, and they will lose their SNAP benefits. Stolen food stamps are difficult to recover, and most cannot be replaced. Moreover, it is important to contact the state’s EBT customer service department if food stamp beneficiaries believe that an unauthorized user has access to their SNAP benefits and/or their personal identification number (PIN). In this case, cardholders may need to change their PIN as well.

How to Get a Food Stamp Card Replacement

To replace lost food stamp card or to apply for a new PIN, SNAP clients must contact the EBT card customer service number for their state as soon as their current card goes missing. After reporting the lost or stolen card, the customer service representative will deactivate the current credential and mail them a new card. In some states, however, customers may need to pay a fee when ordering a replacement card, or the fee will be deducted from their monthly benefit amount. In states such as Massachusetts and Arizona, for instance, the replacement fee is $5. However, Arizona provides claimants with one free replacement card per calendar year.

Moreover, claimants who wish to order an EBT card replacement generally need to verify their identity and current address when submitting the request. For instance, proof of identity often includes the following:

  • The EBT card number or PIN
  • The primary cardholder’s birth date and Social Security Number (SSN)

If cardholders have moved since they first received their EBT card, they must provide the representative with their new address, as the new credential will be sent to the mailing address on file.

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In addition to replacing lost EBT cards, SNAP beneficiaries may change their PIN if they lose or misplace this information, or they believe that an unauthorized user has access to this code. To apply for a new PIN, claimants must first contact their state’s EBT customer service number to verify their identity. As proof of identity, beneficiaries may need to provide their EBT card number, birth date, and the last four digits of the primary cardholder’s SSN. After doing so, they will need to enter a new PIN. After changing the PIN, however, customers will not receive a replacement card unless they request one.

Can you order a new EBT card online?

Customers can order EBT card replacements online in some states such as New York and Illinois, but not all states provide cardholders with this option. To determine whether they can replace their credentials online SNAP beneficiaries, must visit the website of the State Agency that oversees their food stamp benefits. Then, they may be able to login with their SSN, date of birth, the last four digits of their SSN or their EBT card number. In Illinois, for instance, cardholders may order a replacement card through the website of the State Department of Human Services (IDHS).

What is the telephone number for my local benefit card replacement office?

To replace lost EBT cards, cardholders must refer to the customer service number on the back of their food stamps card for state-specific contact information. If beneficiaries do not have access to their EBT card, however, they may refer to the following chart to obtain the telephone number for the state in which they live.

State Telephone Number State Telephone Number State Telephone


AL 800-997-8888 KY 888-979-9949 OK 888-328-6551
AK 888-997-8111 LA 888-997-1117 OR 888-997-4447
AZ 888-997-9333 MA 800-997-2555 OH 866-386-3071
AR 800-997-9999 MD 800-997-2222 PA 888-328-7366
CA 877-328-9677 ME 800-477-7428 PR 877-467-4832
CO 888-432-4328 MI 888-678-8914 RI 888-979-9939
CT 888-328-2666 MN 888-997-2227 SC 800-554-5268
DE 800-526-9099 MS 866-512-5087 SD 800-604-5099
DC 888-304-9167 MO 800-997-7777 TN 888-997-9444
FL 888-356-3281 MT 866-850-1556 TX 800-777-7328
GA 888-421-3281 NE 877-247-6328 UT 800-997-4444
GU 866-937-4826 NV 866-281-2443 VT 800-914-8605
HI 888-328-4292 NH 888-997-9777 VI 866-884-2868
ID 888-432-4328 NJ 800-997-3333 VA 866-281-2448
IL 800-678-5465 NM 800-843-8303 WA 888-328-9271
IN 877-768-5098 NY 888-328-6399 WV 866-545-6502
IA 800-359-5802 NC 888-622-7328 WI 877-415-5164
KS 800-997-6666 ND 800-630-4655 WY 877-290-9401


How to Order New EBT Cards

In addition to replacing lost food stamp cards, SNAP beneficiaries may order multiple copies of their EBT cards if more than one household member uses these benefits to purchase eligible food items. To order new food stamp cards, qualifying SNAP recipients must contact their state’s EBT customer service number to request additional copies. However, not all states issue multiple cards, and other states may charge a fee. If the state cannot provide members with multiple cards, beneficiaries may add an authorized representative to their case, as this will allow other trusted shoppers to purchase food with their EBT card.

Note: Even if SNAP recipients do not add an authorized representative to their case, anyone in their household (including children or minors) may use their EBT card, as long as these users can provide a valid PIN when completing the in-store transaction. However, the PIN acts as an electronic signature and this number should only be shared with trusted household members.

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